By Scott Eyre (Photographer) & Hannah Hodge (Fiance, Studying to become a Pastor)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Transform :: A short film for

Please watch this truly inspiring video ( its worth your time, trust me) produced from Zack Arias as a guest post for Scott Kelby's Blog.

Watch it in wide screen, at night, with the lights off, with headphones on. Watch it however you want. but make sure you make it to the end.. It is really inspiring and truthful.

Zach Arias has done a fantastic job of producing this short video.

Check out the rest of his site, it is worth your time.


Mike Hebdon said...

How many times have I sat in some secluded location waiting for the light and felt the darkness? So many times I've sat and thought the work I was once proud of was a fluke. I think everything about this video is in the heart of every photographer. I'm glad you posted this, it was amazing to watch, I'll take the thoughts from this with me.

Scotts Photography and things said...

Its so true

I often think my work isn't up to standard, its just how we are.. we need to be told we are good, we don't like to blow our own trumpet.. as it sometimes has no verification.

This video hit it on the spot for all artists im sure.

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