By Scott Eyre (Photographer) & Hannah Hodge (Fiance, Studying to become a Pastor)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An introduction to my self : Scott Eyre


First of all thank you for coming to look at my blog, stick around and have a look at some of my photos, let me know what you think of my work...

I am getting married to the most amazing girl in the world, her name is Hannah...and I love her to bits.... I will post more about her later on in my blog.

I am a up and coming photographer ( that's the way I like to think of it LOL ), specializing in motor sport, and starting to do some family portraits.
I absolutely love photographing cars, either racing or static. I also enjoy photographing v8 jet boats and kite surfing and the like.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and I am about an hours drive away from all the motor sport venues I could want, including drag racing, off road, jet sprint track, circut racing, and speedway.

Also I am surrounded by beaches, which is perfect for photographing water sport.

I have studied 1 year out of a two year 'Diploma in contemporary photography' at Unitec, But I had to quit my studies in the begining of the second year due to getting sick with Glandular Fever which took me a year to recover from.

Anyway that is enough about me for a while I think.

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