By Scott Eyre (Photographer) & Hannah Hodge (Fiance, Studying to become a Pastor)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Night Speed Drag wars

As you probably already know.. This is the photography that gets my blood pumping and excites me. The challenge of creating unique and new images within the genre of Motorsport.

I love to go out and come back with something that is unique and new.

Something that was taught to me while studying a Diploma in Contemporary Photography is when you go to a location the first thing you want to do is to get some location shots. These give you an idea of what the venue looks like, an overview. You want to get the 'safe shots' while there is no pressure to perform or to catch any action.
This is especially useful if you are doing photojournalism or documentary photography.
I have to be honest here.... I did not take any 'safe shots' on this location as it wasn't a priority for me. these were for personal use, just gaining experience and trying some new techniques.

Photos taken at Meremere dragway
(fram Autolite Dragway)

What I loved about this shoot was it started around 6.00pm so I got to photograph the sunset, and then continue to photograph through the night... I had a great time and will definitely do the night speed drags again.

For the burnout photos I used an exposure of 1/40th to get the blur in the wheels but it was fast enough to hand hold without the use of a tripod ( I'm sure I didn't use a tripod for this shot ).

The racer on the bike was shot at 1/125th of a second, not as sharp as I would like but I liked the shot.

The pits is always an interesting place to get photographs of the behind the scenes.. At Meremere anyone can walk through the pits as they will, making sure not to get run over.

I might add some more photos from this shoot, unless I go to the drags again soon. If you would like to see some more photos from this shoot please leave me a comment and let me know...

Questions are always more than welcome too...

By Scott Eyre


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