By Scott Eyre (Photographer) & Hannah Hodge (Fiance, Studying to become a Pastor)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photographing Downtown Auckland

Alot of my photos that I take are when im driving around. I will see something that captures my attention... I have to stop and capture it...

This one was shot while driving around town trying to find a carpark in downtown Auckland. For anyone who has tried this its almost impossible, When I finally parked I looked back and thought WOW, I have to capture that..

I was lucky that my Fiancee put up with me getting out my camera and starting photographing the sunset through the city buildings. later she said that when I am in 'photography mode' there is no stopping me LOL. But she respects and understands my passion and is encouraging of it.. :-)
I am one lucky guy...

Hope you like it


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